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Knife Or Gun

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  1. The gun and knife go together like corned beef and cabbage, but while most armed citizens carry a knife, few spend time considering the blade they carry. In this article I wish to address the role of the knife as a must have utility and rescue tool and as a defensive weapon. I would suggest [ ].
  2. Gun, it's not even a contest. Knives are just above "pointed sticks" in the totem pole of practical self defense, and that doesn't even count for a nice long stick. I .
  3. May 07,  · 5. "Again gun" You are right on this one, the firearm is the very best means of self defense ever invented. 6. "A knife is more for self confidence, someone sees you with a big *** knife, they think your dick is 8 inches long instantly." So what? When I shoot an attacker with my firearm he doesn't care how big my dick is. 7.
  4. However, if you are always traveling and you do not want to crowd your bag with heavy items, a knife can be your self-defense item. A gun works better from a distance. It can scare the attacker from over 20 feet and alarm the other person that you are equipped to engage in a fight. A knife works better, up-close.
  5. This quiz is to determine what weapon you would be fit with: Sword, SMG, shot gun, rocket launcher, wand, bow and arrow, combat knife, or you hands. If you think it's stupid please just rate this quiz as 1 star, but if you think this 12 year old genius is amazing at making quizzes, then rate it as 10 stars.
  6. Knife vs. Gun People who are obsessed with 'self-defense' often want to carry knives because they are uncomfortable with carrying a gun. This is like saying "I'm more comfortable with The Plague than Ebola," both will kill. In the eyes of the law a gun and a.
  7. Apr 01,  · Numerous videos and demonstrations shows that when a person with a knife is within 20 feet of someone, they can close that gap before a person has a chance to draw a gun. #3 landwire, Mar 31, Lellobeetle and Denim_Chicken like this.
  8. If you were out in the Alaskan wilderness, by choice or circumstance, would you rather have a knife or a gun with you? As you make your choice, consider the environment. Since the Alaskan wilderness covers an area of more than 90, square miles (, square kilometers), you could encounter any number of survival situations.

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